The Revolution in You

Carrie SharpshairThis week’s newsletter is a little different. If you are like me, you have been invited to several events like this. Some you try out and get something from, others are a bust.

I looked at the speakers and content that my good friend and client, the brainy and zany “Sharp Cookie,” Carrie Sharpshair, is offering in her “outrageous profits revolution,” and I was impressed! She really does understand the small business entrepreneur who is juggling many roles and trying to keep multiple balls in the air at the same time with limited resources. 

This newsletter absolutely reflects my perspective on what it takes to build a business but, because I could not resist, uses phrasing “collated” from Carrie’s team of experts.

We all want a business that is solid, strong, smooth and profitable! Whether you are new in business or have been around the block a few times, you are probably familiar with the big challenges of building not just a business – a job we own and can control – but a brand, a legacy, our mark on the world.

We start out with a dream or some kind of vision and somewhere in the mix is the idea that we can create simple strategies for success, and enjoy a sense of freedom, accomplishment, and prosperity.

Part of getting your business started is discovering the true meaning of “branding” because your brand with make or break your business.

At the base of branding is finding the perfect words and inspire clients to say, “I need that! This means getting completely clear on your remarkable value and how to articulate it so you get all the clients you can handle.

Your brand is how you how you cut through the noise in an overwhelmed market.

Your brand is the remarkable way you do business! Your business image is driven by your unique style – how you present not only your products or services, but yourself as part of that package.

My research has shown building a steady flow of ideal clients of one of the biggest challenges small business owners face.

Getting your brand right is only part of what it takes to generate regular income month-after-month, no matter what’s going on in the economy.

It’s simple!

  • Get the right business plan built around sound, specific strategies and tactics so you can infuse your operations with simplicity and ease.
  • Market your brand successfully to increase your bottom line.
  • Build energizing and effective relationships whether through great networking or simple effective use of social media.

Getting the basics under control allows you to enjoy what you are doing!
If getting you and your brand aligned with the same mission in life, head on over to my website to find a template that will help you magnetize your prospects!

 More about Carrie’s Outrageous Profit Revolution here

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