Horoscope Feb 1 – 7 2013

Your Weekly Horoscope

ARIES, expect emotional reactions from those closest to you, and listen closely as they may have important messages or information for you. You would be wise to pay attention to both what is said and what is unsaid.

TAURUS, you are expected to take charge this week, so take the opportunity to claim your place at the head of the table. The issue of delegating could be important, so watch that authority is coupled with the delegation to ensure things run smoothly.

GEMINI, this week, as you review where you are headed, you should find your understanding growing. You also have an opportunity to begin to move your big and interesting new ideas into becoming reality.

CANCER, your key word for the week is “leverage.” Take a good hard look at your strengths and how you can use them to propel you forward. Look for fun ways to interact with others and draw out your deepest feelings in a safe way.

LEO, your deepest feelings could be on display this week – but in a good way. Others become aware of how much you feel for someone and are ready to support you. Even if, or especially if, it seems to be an unusual alliance, it will be accepted.

VIRGO, your week is focused on getting things done. What you lack in organization, you make up for in vision and drive. You can ask for the help you need too, so don’t be shy to look for and pick the best options there.

LIBRA, love is in the air for you this week. While it promises to be a soft and dreamy time, it is also important to speak up or be clear about what you want. Stay open to being surprised, as you might discover some new horizons are accessible to you.

SCORPIOS, you are gathering your strength and resources and getting ready to put yourself out there. The framework is important, so spend the right amount of time getting that right. You might find you have to get some outside help to get you started.

SAGITTARIUS, expect a busy week and be prepared to take some constructive feedback. Know that it is well-intended and holds value if you can read between the lines. An unexpected invitation could also bring you closer to someone important in your life.

CAPRICORN, this is a time to gather together what you will need to be able to take on the next phase. Allow yourself to become energized and fully invested in what and who you want to become. Recognize that there is work involved, but it has the potential to transform your life.

AQUARIUS, stand firm in your knowledge of who you are this week. It would be an excellent time to revisit your vision statement, either personal or for your business. Romance is possible this week, so allow and welcome the confidence it will bring you.

PISCES, things may move slowly this week, but know that the path is set and all you have to do is keep things on track. You have set the stage, but need to allow room for the universe to fulfill your order in its own way.

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