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How You Are Wired – An in-depth exploration of your personal birth chart, your unique character and how you are “wired” to experience and interact with the world. Get focused on what you love to do, align your work or business with your passion.

Nature-Nurture – Success can come from simply knowing what to fight and what to work around.

  • Let’s explore and uncover what’s “natural” to you, what you were born with and can leverage to your advantage.
  • When we identify what you took on in life, the coping skills you learned at home and through your relationships, you can begin to use them consciously and the habits you have grown accustomed to no longer control your life.

The Year Ahead – This gives a snap shot of the year ahead so you can set your intentions and be ready to make the most of every opportunity.  Move toward your future!

What’s Up? – Let’s take a look and do situational analysis of what’s happening in your life or for your business.

RelationshipsFamily, personal or business relationship. Take a look at each person’s unique character, relationship needs, and assesses the dynamics of the relationship between them. Identify areas of compatibility and likely challenges.

Should I or Shouldn’t I? – Whatever’s on your mind and you’d like to know the outcome – astrology offers a very special type of reading, a Horary reading that aims to answer a specific question.

We can work together in person, on the phone, or online through Skype.

I am based in Thousand Oaks, California, so in person readings are possible in Southern California, LA County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas.

Date, time, and place of birth are needed if you would like an astrological reading except Horary readings:

Date of birth: date, month, and year
Time of birth: This is often available on the birth certificate. If you don’t have your birth certificate, go to Let me know if you are unsure of your exact birth time. It really can make a big difference.
Place of birth: city, state, and/or country

You will receive copies of any relevant charts – either sent by email in advance of a phone or Skype meeting, or handed to you if we meet in person for the reading.  A recording of the session is available on request (Mp3 format).

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