Love What You Do

Fact! Motivation Is The Key to Success

For some people, doing what they do well is rewarding and satisfying.
Others are motivated by a stretch, challenge, or adventure, whether it’s mental, physical, or spiritual.

Do what you love!

How do you find your passions?

You may be task driven, relationship-driven, or future-driven. You may be motivated by sharing and teaching or by learning, doing, and achieving.

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The key is to care – be in touch with your values and listen to your feelings. They know what you care about. So do that.
Learn about the variety of ways you can discover that type of caring
, and when you care about what you do, you love it.

For some, it’s easy. They have an all –consuming passion for one thing, and that one thing happens to be career-making material.
Others take a creative approach and turn what they love into a business – like the out
doorsman who takes corporate executives on wilderness retreats.

For many, the secret lies behind the task or the job of work; they work at something so they can afford or spend time doing something else.

The reality is that most career decisions are centered around the type of life you want to live.  That means the relationships you want to have, the people you want to serve, the lifestyle you want to live, the contribution you want to make, and the recognition you want to earn.
When you find a career that serves those things, it will be very hard not to love it.

Abundance Will Follow

“The results you achieve will be in
direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

~ Denis Waitley

The first thing here is the “doing it” part. Chances are you need to do it a whole lot.
There’s just as much chance that you also need to do a whole lot of stuff around it as well.
“Success is a mindset,” they say, and that means that you keep working at it. It is not an event, it’s a process.
Change the process if it is not working for you, and if it is working for you, do more of it or do it smarter.

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