What Are You Looking for?

IMAG0312Life seems to go in cycles. In the past few days, I have run into several people who are doing what they should, but not loving it. Is it just January Fever?

Perhaps it is just easy to settle into a routine that suffices. The job pays the bills, offers enough challenge to keep you occupied and focused on what you are doing, and everybody is happy.

One person said: “I’m not doing what I always dreamed I would be doing at this age, but this is okay.” Okay? Really? Is that enough?

Sometimes it is…for a while. Then the little gremlins start nagging inside you. “Is this all there is?”

I saw a tree while out walking one day recently. With the sunrise for the backdrop, it looked so majestic, confident, and sure of its being. I thought: Now that’s a good morning!

So, instead of stopping to smell the roses, I stopped to capture the tree. Then, thanks to our modern age, I shared my delight by sending it on to a few friends.

All of them responded. Isn’t that fantastic?! A wonderful little moment went out into the world and touched the lives, bringing a smile to the faces of several people. That’s better than okay.

I offer a spirit challenge for all of you out there, who are doing what you should, and not loving it:

Find something wonderful to share today.

A joke, a smile, a picture, a quote… this day is filled with a million little gifts, waiting to be given.

You don’t have to make a radical change, give up your job and spend your days surfing, horseback riding, or visiting temples in foreign lands.

You can bring joy into your life right here, right now, and when you share the joy, it grows just a little bigger inside you.

Take me up on the challenge, just for today. Find something wonderful to share.

When you do, please let me know about it.

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