Horoscope Jan 25-Jan 31 2013

Your Weekly Horoscope

ARIES, your words touch others this week. You have the ability to make or break people’s day.  From the assistant at the corner store, to your brothers and sisters, your words carry weight. Use the influence wisely.

TAURUS, be very clear about what you want this week, as you have the influence and authority to bring it about. Take the time to do some planning and remember to add a little bonus extra in your dream, because it might just come to fruition this time.

GEMINI, it is more than dreaming for you this week. If you take the time, you will find you can clearly articulate what it is you wish to be. Then take the next step. The stars support you in your efforts to bring about your deepest desires.

CANCER, whip up that emotional energy and share it with others. Your enthusiasm will inspire and you will find the support you need all around you. Work and play become indistinguishable as you follow your heart.

LEO, keep the conversation going. This week offers you an uncanny ability to be heard and understood and many people will respond to support your sense of self. Your ability to get the work done efficiently and smoothly will help you stay balanced.

VIRGO, work is likely to be exciting for you this week as you bring in some fresh ideas that are well received. Bring a little patience to the situation, as the ideas may take a little while to germinate. Have faith.

LIBRA, keep it light-hearted this week. A smile and the ability to show love and caring will transform how others see and react to you. Remember to stay true to yourself. Show genuine appreciation, not light compliments.

SCORPIOS, finding your true voice is your work for the week. Allow the dream to build energy inside you and then spend some time journaling or putting it down on paper. The possibilities will thrill you and then it is easy for you to act on them.

SAGITTARIUS, keep your strong feelings in check this week. Go quiet, listen to them and understand what they are really telling you. Finding a moment to talk things over with someone close to you will bring delightful insights.

CAPRICORN, write out your intentions and you will find it easy to stick to them this week. Invite curiosity into your living space – is everything how you want it? Changing things up will make you feel much more energized.

AQUARIUS, it is all about you this week.  Examine and share the discoveries you make about how you want to be in the world and the person you want to be. Get out and enjoy the company of others while you test out your new sense of self.

PISCES, allow yourself the space to think this week and you will find wonderfully creative ideas surfacing. Others are open to your feelings and will feed your spirit, but you should also carve out a space and time at home to allow the ideas to flow.

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