Living Examples

News April 19 2012

Do you make decisions with “eyes closed and heart aimed”?  Or do you like to look at things from all angles before you make up your mind? Astrology can provide a fresh perspective – allow you to step back and get a second look.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words to Live By  “Don’t ask what the world needs. […]

News April 12 2012

Is there a part of you that gets in your way? Do you feel you let yourself down? Astrology can help you find new ways of dealing or living with it that set you free. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words to Live By  “I am happy to be lustful and passionate. It is my gift to the world.” […]

News April 5 2012

Not sure how to take it or what to do next? Astrological insight can guide you. Human relations are complex and a little peek at what’s happening in the stars can provide the insight that makes all the difference! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words to Live By  “I don’t know where it is going, but it sure is […]