Horoscope Jan 18-Jan 24 2013

Your Weekly Horoscope

ARIES, your work will begin to pay off this week as you share your expertise with others and have them really “get” it. This will energize you personally, and allow you to step into a newly designed role with ease.

TAURUS, this week finds you transitioning from the strategic phase into one where you claim your authority and begin to recognize the influence you have. You may also find yourself withdrawing and re-structuring how you handle an important relationship.

GEMINI, your attention is moving from how to make it possible to do something important to developing the actual plans that will take you there. It is hard work, but the payoff will be huge in terms of the affect you have on others.

CANCER, Now that you have figured out the relationship and what you want it to look like, its is time to turn your attention to gathering what you need to make it happen. Diversions and amusements will quickly turn into opportunities to show your value.

LEO, your interest this week is in the new and important relationship that is developing. Even if it has been around for a while, you are able to communicate your needs and desires in a way that could radically change it for the better.

VIRGO, you are still in enjoyment mode and that enables you to present yourself in a new and very appealing way. Others will respond with offers of help and support, so leverage this time to make real headway.

LIBRA, you are feeling strong and well prepared and that means you have space in your life to look for a little entertainment and fill the gap with meaningful relationships. People are likely to find you charming and different in an endearing way.

SCORPIOS, you are looking forward to the period of quiet that is ahead. The frenetic pace is slowing and you should find the opportunity to kick back, turn off your phone, and relax. The busy period has built your discipline muscle, so you can afford a little relaxation.

SAGITTARIUS, you are more or less done with the gathering of resources and are heading into the implementation phase. This week finds you ready to get the ball rolling on projects and you will have the support of those closest to you.

CAPRICORN, the period of self-development is winding down and your attention is shifting to what is important to keep this new you supported and well fed. Be on the lookout for creative ways to sustain the momentum.

AQUARIUS, congratulations! This slow phase is finally drawing to a close. You have found out new things about yourself and your priorities and it is time to make some personal changes, so get busy!

PISCES, you have been through quite a demanding time and are moving into a phase of recovery and realignment. Be kind to yourself and recognize when it is time to stop and just be. What is important will not go away – it will wait for you.

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