What Do You Want to Be Known for?

Tolstoy by Serge Mercouro

Tolstoy by Serge Mercouro

Everyone wants to make a difference in this world, to matter.

Something inside you just knows you can change things for the better or that you can be of service, that you can make a mark on the world in some way, however small.

Some lucky among us seem to be born knowing the contribution they wish to make in the world and they set a course from which they never waver – soldier, teacher, nurse, doctor, or the richest person in the world.

For others, the question as to what they want to be known for this longing to matter lies buried deep in their hearts until it eventually evokes profound searching.

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That’s where Lauren was. As a trained aesthetician and massage therapist, Lauren was running a successful practice. Life was good for this entrepreneur – but something was missing. While grateful to be making a living, Lauren felt the business was chugging along and not really going anywhere.

As we delved into the process of positioning her business, Lauren said she felt she was not making a meaningful difference in the world. “Sure, I help my clients feel better, but only a few of them really need it. The rest are just pampering themselves.”

This type of declaration is critical in identifying how to position your business. Underlying statements like these is a host of values and beliefs. We needed to uncover those, bring them to light, and have Laura recognize what they meant for both her and her business.

What she wants to be known for, it turns out, is bringing real comfort and relief to people who truly need it; that is the difference she wants to make. She was afraid to go after that because she didn’t want to risk losing the income from her existing clients.

We worked through the 5 step plan to reposition Lauren’s practice. Zeroing in on what she really wanted to be known for, what she wanted to offer, we defined her target clientele. We structured an evolution in her value proposition and set a distinctive positioning.

We set a plan for her to drive her marketing efforts toward specific types of health practitioners and change the balance of “real” and “pampered” clients in her practice.

With a clear direction and defined niche, the strategy for her business was set. The approach was simple and defined, and 6 months later, Lauren has changed the balance of clients without losing income.

Lauren is smiling more often and feeling that she is on the right path.

The type difference the world will experience because you are in it is entirely up to you.

What is the unique gift that you alone bring to this world?

If everybody in the world was truly equal, in every sense of the word, there would be no “you,” no “other” and no “me.”

What sets you apart?

Have you incorporated it into what you are doing in your business? 

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