Guarantee Your Success

EyeWe do not have a written manual for everyday life, but a natural energy flows and circulates around us and through us.

Discover and understand each of the 9 energetic qualities within you, and you are well on your way to optimizing your life and achieving maximum success.

Your free will is the energy of the Sun, the breath of your vitality and the will of your true self.

We have free will. Instinctive or innate patterns influence but do not control us. It is our job to choose. Even though decision-making is part of our nature, it is not always easy.

It takes being aware of ourselves on all levels and managing how and to what extent we allow one aspect of life to invade the others. Our freedom of will depends on our ability to effect reason over our own selves.

The future is not fixed. We can tip its progress this way or that using our free will.

Our imagination and capacity to grasp potential give us the opportunity to foresee and then to engage our will and act to change our future.

To become aware of, understand, use and integrate the 9 qualities does not call for any belief in or understanding of astrology. It is helpful to categorize the qualities. Here is a brief introduction.

The Mind qualities are Intuition, Consciousness, and Courage because we know them principally through the working of our minds, as mental processes. We experience and activate them largely by and through thought. At first glance, Courage may seem a little out of place here as a mental process. It is not. Courage is an intentional act that requires definite mental effort.

The Heart qualities exert pressure on us from somewhere deep inside, perhaps as a weight, a pulling or attracting force or magnet. They transcend reason and emotion and can have a marked constancy. Faith, Honor, and Endurance are the Heart qualities.

The qualities of the Spirit are Optimism, Ingenuity, and Enchantment. They have an ethereal or other-worldly energy about them that ignites and stimulates or feeds back to us, rather than bearing down on us. Spirit qualities challenge, activate and release us.

Get in touch with the qualities in your own life and make 2013 your year of success!  

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