Supercharge Your Resolutions

Howling Wolf on Mountain PeakThere is a fable about a boy who cried wolf. A shepherd boy who, to see if people would come when he needed help, called out “Wolf!” when there wasn’t one. Intrigued by the spectacle of everyone rushing to help him, he did it again.

He called “Wolf!” for the enjoyment of watching everyone rushing to help him. People were not pleased with him for this behavior and so, when he cried out “Wolf!” because there really was one, they didn’t come to help. This fable is about honor.

Honor is about personal responsibility. It is about being able to trust. The funny thing about honor and trust are that they start with us. When we do not trust ourselves, it is very difficult for us to trust anyone else either.

Being disappointed in our own achievements, stuck or feeling powerless in a relationship or a job, or resigned to being overweight, usually means we have a string of broken promises we made to ourselves. We have cried “Wolf!” too many times and we do not trust ourselves to show up to fulfill our own promises or commitments.

So, we give up before we being, saying, “I’ll never stick to that,” or “It’s too hard,” and the perpetual loop of self-sabotage keeps the cycle going. It is never too late to start to honor yourself, though.

How do we break that cycle and
make resolutions that stick?

Think of your resolution as an inspired idea. Your resolution is not the mechanism for change. It is an idea. An idea is timeless and formless and remains insignificant unless we bring it down to earth, give it structure and time, and infuse it with energy and action. For example, resolving to lose weight is an idea.

Writing down the goal of losing 5 pounds by the end of January, along with the steps to get there, is a workable action plan.

Resistance to change is a huge factor in the giant heaps of unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions that pile up each year. Making little steps helps us step through that fear.

We need to work out and commit to the steps of how we intend bringing that change about, including what we will do, think, feel, and experience. The more detail there is about the steps along the way, the easier it is to track our progress and give ourselves the positive feedback we need to stay motivated.

Sharing the plan

and its details with someone supportive doubles our chance of success! If we really want it to stick, though, we also need to write down, yes – articulate in writing – why we made the resolution in the first place.

Becoming crystal clear on the benefit or reward we will have as a result of the resolution has a huge impact our success rates. Committing to this outcome strengthens our ability to follow through.

Act on it! Resolutions and plans set the stage. We only need to show up and follow the steps.

Are you resolved honor yourself this year?

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