Gift from The Moon

Wise OwlIn astrology, the Moon represents emotions, but it is more than that, it represents our intuition.

Thought of as passive and receptive, the Moon is symbolic of our ability to absorb and retain elements from our environment. 

For thousands of years, humankind has associated the Moon with subconscious patterns that underlie man’s actions and reactions. Even today, people know the ever changing but predictable Moon as the mental-emotional context for your actions and thoughts. We also know it as the mirror of our emotions and moods – it speaks back to us.

Intuition enables you to know something directly without reasoning or thinking it through. It is the two-way bridge between your conscious and unconscious minds and between what your instinct and reason tells you.

Intuition takes everything about a situation into account – sights, sounds, smells, instincts emotions – and sorts through them, along with matters of conscience, all your other accumulated experience in life and, possibly, all the genetically encoded history from your ancestors.

This is why intuition

  • Is marked by a quality of “knowing,” understanding or awareness
  • Has a somewhat spiritual nature
  • Is known as “the inner voice.”
  • Generally results in more creative and inspired thinking

Perhaps because it seems similar to instinct, many people are uncomfortable with using their intuition. Following a hunch does not feel as professional as a reasoned and rational plan of action. We tend to feel ashamed or embarrassed about things we do not understand.

At least one major study of CEOs, however, shows they rely more on intuition than the quantitative data analyses and information, and use their gut feelings to guide their business strategies. Intuition is critical in business, as it is impossible to consciously hold and process the immeasurable complexity of knowledge, understanding, foresight, market intelligence, and common sense in making strategic business decisions.

Because your inner voice is sometimes vague, ambiguous or cryptic, you may mistrust it. When you ignore or mistrust it, it shuts itself off a little. If you dismiss it too often, it atrophies. Like any skill or talent, intuition needs practice to be able to perform its best. Worry is a sure sign that you are not in touch with intuition.

Developing your intuition allows you to recognize patterns in a flash, makes it more adept and accurate in being able to access multiple types of information to provide you with better insights.

You may experience intuition differently from others: through your senses, a feeling in your body, visually in the form of mental images, or simply a mental knowing or insight. The sensation of intuition often has nonintellectual or emotional understanding but is recognizable to you.

There is no right or wrong way to get or experience your intuition. It is an invaluable supplement to your logical rational analytical decision making.

The end result – greater success when you follow it – is all that matters. 

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