The Heart of The Matter

I was interviewed on the radio recently by the wonderful Carrie Sharpshair, The Sharp Cookie, on Simply Strategic Success Talk Radio her radio show on The Amazing Power of Women network. This Thanksgiving week seems an appropriate time to share some of the ideas we discussed. It is topical because we traditionally talk about what we are thankful during this holiday, and I am very thankful I am engaged with my purpose in life.

When starting a business, most entrepreneurs begin by articulating their mission, vision, and values. These critically important elements to any good business plan are about your intent for your business. Equally important, however, is the positioning statement.

The positioning statement for your company or brand is about your public. Positioning is the feelings, image and idea of who and what your brand is that you want people, your customers in particular, to hold in their minds.

What do you want people to have in their minds when they see your logo or brand name, hear your brand mentioned in conversation, or see your advertisement? For an entrepreneur, it probably ties in to your personal mission and purpose in life. I help you come back to your center and discover or rediscover and get in touch with your sense of meaning and purpose and define it in practical, business terms.

When you know what your passion in life is and fully engage with it, you center your positioning on an idea that lines up and is congruent with your passion. You make the purpose of that passion visible through the business you do and how you do business.

What do you want your customers to understand about your business?

  • If you are a writer, are you “an author” or “an expert” on a subject?
  • If you are an expert, do you inform, teach, entertain or guide?
  • If you market a pen that writes upside down, is it because you want people to be able to write wherever they are or to take advantage of the latest technology?
  • If you sell organic-based cleaning products is it because you want people to be responsible or because you want them to be safe?

When people can see that you are purpose-driven, it becomes magnetic. When they see you focused, centered, completely whole, and utterly authentic in your business ambitions and what you are bringing to market, they recognize that it is not simply a mission to make money.

They understand that behind your brand is a purpose that you truly buy into. It is magnetic!

Positioning is the task of making sure your brand’s purpose is relevant and clear to your audience. It is the process of managing people’s experience of your brand (including imagery, service experience, product quality and durability, style, and reputation… even your own behavior).

Like your business plan, your positioning needs regular review. You do not decide once and for all. Your competitors and your environment changes, technology changes, consumer fads and preferences change. To stay relevant, your positioning needs to adapt.

My clients work with me to ensure they are able to stay true to their intent, even as they and the world change. They value making sure their brands are hooked into what will motivate people to use their brands.

Using astrological principles, you do not have to wait 10 years to find out if a change in fashion, technology, or consumer sentiment was a fad. We identify the type of influences around and how long they will last so you can make smarter decisions for your brand.

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