It Is Easier than You Think

Progress is often an illusion. It is more like fashion – change for the sake of change.

Great ideas evolve and so must we. Being stuck is a real handicap!

A new thought can change not only the moment, but your past and future as well! 

A recent reading I did for Sarah reminded me of something that crops up from time to time and that is the difference between what is and is not possible.

Always shoot for the stars! Thousands of people throughout history have shown that they can achieve what others said was impossible. Keeping the dream and putting your all into something is essential for making the impossible probable.

Sarah was fed up with her husband! She and Bert had been married for 25 years, but she was ready to pack her bags and leave her husband because he persisted with doing things she disliked – like washing his greasy hands in the sink after working on his cars. “I must have asked him a thousand times…” “He never listens…”

The big troubles we get ourselves into in life usually come about when we try to go against nature. The natural laws of the universe mean things generally work in a certain way. Nature dictates the how not the what. Human beings were not built with the capacity to fly – but we made it possible to do exactly that. How we did it is the secret sauce!

Sarah was trying to do something impossible – doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. It was relatively easy for me to see how Sarah had become stuck. With Venus and Saturn in the sign of Virgo, procedure is important to her. However, she was in a bind because she had allowed her procedure, the how (nagging) to become the what (making Bert change his behavior).

It took a while to talk Sarah down, but she finally got a glimmer of what I was talking about and agreed to try one thing with Bert. She was to ask one single question: “What would it take to get you to wash your hands in the bathroom?”

She called me the next day. She was laughing so much it took a while for me to understand what she was saying. It turns out that Bert’s answer was a simple 2 words: “Paper towel.” Until she confronted him with that question, he had not realized that he had avoided the uncomfortable, even guilty feeling about wiping his wet hands on the bathroom towels.

With that revelation, she and Bert had burst through the cycle of nagging and apparent indifference, and were able to talk about a number of different things and figure out strategies to try to deal with those too. Sarah was so grateful that she now understood the difference between the what and the how.

There is “salvation” – a great feeling of triumph, relief, satisfaction, renewed momentum when you turn direction slightly, like a sailboat turning into the wind or catching the wind, and are able to flow with life, with the natural laws of life.

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