Take Control of Your Tomorrow!

They say spending 10,000 hours concentrating on a subject makes you a master. By now, we should all be masters of our own energy.  Ha! The secret word in the first sentence was “concentrating.”

Even so, we really should get a grip on the cycles of this ever-changing force we exchange with everyone and the universe at large.  Anger, frustration, and even unbridled enthusiasm show us we are not yet effectively managing our personal energy.  Wisdom from around the world tells us how to do it: Be Here Now.

This includes managing what you are taking in (paying attention to) and putting out (saying, doing, feeling). But to do this well, takes practice and concentration.

4 Simple Steps to Managing Your Energy.

1.  Be aware of it (employ your mind).

2.  Claim it. Own the fact that you are responsible for the energy that is coming from you and that is resonating with the environment/places. Even when the energy you put out is not easy to control, or is driven or influenced by something real and almost tangible, like pain, illness, or grief, you need to own your part in its appearance.

3. Control it. Once you claim ownership of your energy, you can begin to control it. Decide what kind of influence you need to use:

*  physical (sleep, take medication, go for a run)
*  mental (clear thinking, better planning)
*  emotional (relax, de-stress)

4.  Practice it. Pay attention to the energy you are giving out and what you are taking in and edit, edit, edit.

Staying in control comes down to one thing: Regularly reflecting on priorities to make sure you are giving the important things the consideration and attention they need.  Just leaving the de facto values in place without managing them is like trusting your accountant without asking for references.

Values are continually shifting, so you need to check in with them from time to time to find what the relative hierarchy is, move things around if necessary, and take care of the priorities.

Untangle the values and you set yourself free. Be on the lookout for your anti-values too. A prescription you have against doing, feeling or experiencing something can be important too.

Managing your energy and focusing it on an objective changes your future!

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