Conscious Living

One of the most intriguing aspects of my journey as an astrologer was discovering that it works. It works as a tool for conscious living.

Astrology has a long a history and has been used in all manner of ways throughout the ages. One of the reasons it has persisted is that it deals with the fundamental business of living. It deals with the universal and timeless elements of being human, your thoughts and feelings, actions and relationships, and your hopes and dreams.

My good friend, Patricia Belkowitz runs programs and workshops under the name “Choose Your Thoughts, Choose Your Life.” If you use astrology as a tool to do just that, it works. You have probably heard the phrase: “You are who you think you are.”

The law of attraction, vision boards, Louise Hay and many, many others have recorded the power of directing your thoughts to drive your life to create the most positive and healthy results. Techniques differ but the results are the same. Astrology is one such tool, and offers some simple ways to use it to direct your thoughts in positive ways in your life.

There are many different approaches to astrology and the discipline has layer upon layer of complexity. Astrology can show you a few fundamental concepts that you can employ as tools to help you be more effective in your everyday life.

Joy comes when you feel things are happening just the way they should, when all is right, good and full. It generally happens in snatches, fits and starts, that last for a defined period of time.

The trick is to catch those moments and pop them in your backpack so you can carry them with you, and take them out to enjoy again whenever you want to.

Then there are moments when we feel as if we are operating against the grain of life, when life is going in one direction and we are going in another. The only right action is to uncover how you can regain alignment.

The prize is not diagnosis of what is going wrong, the prize is adjustment. That means taking action: mental or physical action, and usually both.

The astrologer’s aim is to provide you with clues to catch those great moments or make the needed adjustments. The slightest tweaks you make to your understanding, approach, or intent can make the world of difference, and can be pretty simple and easy to make.

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