Why Now?

There are 2 main categories of reasons people seek out an astrological reading, and they are not mutually exclusive.

The first is to get rid of something in your life and the second is to gain something.

What they have in common is the need for a new perspective from a safe and unbiased source.

You look for help when you wish to be free of a problem of some kind. Problems may have external causes, like grief, pain, loss, and many relationship situations. But they can also arise from inside you, like feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated or simply not your best or “whole.”

Sometimes life is difficult and you don’t know why. At other times, you face specific challenges, some of which bring you to a standstill or to your knees.

  • The cost of waiting to get help is often that the problem gets worse or you lose opportunity – of getting on with your life and living up to your potential. Ask yourself whether your reluctance to seek help is worth the cost of staying stuck  – to your relationships, your health, your business or career .  Seeking help means you are taking action!
  • Two minds are often better than one. Another viewpoint highlights a different perspective and guides you in reaching your own resolution. Common sense applies to everyone, but there is great value in drawing on insight that is unique to you.

It is not all about getting rid of the negative in your life, it is also about enhancing your life, following your aspirations and seeking fulfillment.

We all desire personal enrichment – to find out more about or improve yourself and live a more rewarding life is the second major category of motivation.  Few of us are immune to this drive. How much money you spend each year on things that make you feel better about yourself – at least superficially – in the form of cars, clothing, and “treats” like spa days, vacations, and a nice dinner out or bottle of wine?

What would be the value of enhancing your good traits, empowering yourself to go after what you want, and being able to recognize and set aside obstacles to reaching your full potential? There is only great value and no shame in pursuing a richer and more rewarding life.

Looking deep inside for your own truth and pathways can take time on your own. Self exploration is enhanced by the perspective of an outsider, someone trained to root out the patterns in your life, to bring out the value of things about yourself you take for granted, and to guide you to a new perspective.

An outside view aids your own personal introspection. Self-exploration and personal growth comes naturally from rich interactions – think of what so many successful people have gained from seminars, coaches, and mentors. Your personal progress is enhanced when you can speak freely with someone who cares deeply about the outcome of your interaction.

Entrepreneurs, remember that it’s not just about you, but about your business too.

Astrology can help. Ask an astrologer.

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