Why Astrology?

Many astrology readings result in an “Ah-ha!” moment, or even a series of them.  No-one knows you better than you, so the chances are a reading will delve into many things you already know or suspect.

Many times, though, it is like unexpectedly catching sight of yourself in a full length mirror in an unusual place. It makes you realize something about the way you look:  you have lost or gained weight, changed your hairstyle, gone grey or bald… You are still you, but different.

Astrology does that – but from the inside.   Astrology is a reveal-tool: It allows you to get a fresh look at who you are and how you are projecting that out onto the world – and by doing so, several things happen.  You may:

  • Find you like who you are and where you are going
  • Encounter some soft-spots
  • Recognize some strengths you hadn’t noticed before
  • Discover a natural ability you had taken for granted is a real talent
  • Remember things that are or have been important in your life

Experiences like these make you feel supported and validated.  They help you realize how much something does or does not matter to you. Often I find they lead you to see a new way to make the best of something in your nature – make an opportunity out of a weakness. Another common outcome is you discover patterns in thoughts or attitudes and gain insight into how they shape your actions, reactions, and choices.

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