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Many struggles in life stem from feeling “I was born that way” or believing “I was brought up that way”

Sometimes simply separating these two releases the struggle.

In the Conscious Integration™ program, we examine the role of heredity and environment in your personal development.

Perhaps there are patterns that come up again and again in your life

♦    Why do I always attract the same situations or people in my life?
♦    Why do I always end up doing… feeling… ?

You may be wanting to change some aspect of yourself or your behavior that is no longer of use to you

♦   Why do I make a decision to do something…and simply don’t follow through?

♦   I don’t know where to turn

♦   don’t know what to do next

♦   I can’t say or do the right thing any more

♦   We are arguing all the time or someone is always arguing with me

♦   I am simply stuck – something is jammed inside of me

♦   There is a relationship dynamic that is dragging on me

♦   I am shy/defensive/aggressive/angry/frustrated/[fill in the blank]

The Conscious Integration™ program is a subjective and introspective process that helps you figure things out

The program examines your personal, yet natural, human cycles to identify the patterns and processes in your life.

This interactive process aims to examine (A) what you were born with and (B) your environmental adaptation (and maladaptation) and then integrate the two to optimize your personal success.

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