Brand Positioning

Your customers and potential customers have choices, and lots of them.

Why should they pick you or your services?

It can be hard for an entrepreneur to separate him or herself from the brand. Whether incorporated or a sole proprietor, you feel that you are your brand. It only feels that way.

A brand is the accumulation of thoughts, feelings, and associations that others have about what you offer that makes it different from all the others they might choose.

Only a part of that is you. The rest is made up of a multitude of experiences, interactions, ideas, and impressions they gain about you and your products or services.

A logo is a brand mark, a symbol that represents or stands for your brand. It is NOT your brand.

Your business is not your brand. One element of your brand is that represents the good will of your business – the reason your customers buy from you.

Whether or not you realize it, a huge part of the work you do is to make that brand and your brand mark stand for something.

  • It can sell you, speak for you, remind your clients that you are there, and of everything that you offer and represent in their lives or businesses.

If you are not doing that work, you should be. A strong brand is a powerful selling tool, and it is the basis of your competitive advantage.

Brand Positioning

Do you know what impression people have of your brand, of the products or services you offer?

Brand positioning is a process by which you create an impression in the customer’s mind of your particular product or service versus anyone else’s.  It’s how your brand “stands out” and what it “stands for” in the market.

Positioning is a process that happens whether or not you pay attention to it.

When the ideas people form about your brand are not quite what you do or intend, it makes your job of selling much harder, and it is very difficult and expensive to fix or change. Can you ever really un-ring the bell?

Take control and manage the process, to design and build the impression you want your customers and prospective customers to have.

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