Astrology As A Clock

The astronomical clock in Old Town Square, Prague

Thinking about the question of what astrology “is” or “does,” I think in terms of a clock. A clock might show the time as 1 o’clock. The clock only shows that it may be, and does not “make” it or cause it to be, time for lunch.

In the same way, astrology can reveal the potential influences in a person’s life.  Astrology can be like a sophisticated, multi-dimensional clock that can point out the existence, nature, and timing of different influences in your life.

Just as the hands on a clock indicate the time of day, the potential an aspect holds or the presence of a planet in a house and in a sign reveal the conditions surrounding and impacting your life.

Astrology can help your understanding – of your makeup and potential or the current or future influences and possibilities

Horary astrology offers the same opportunity, but in a broader context of actions, events, and occurrences.

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