Bright Star Cafe July 27 – Gloria Taylor Brown

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Gloria Taylor Brown was born into a family where most of the women and a few of the men were psychic, with a wide range of skills from clairaudience to psychometry. She honed her skills by learning about palmistry, astrology, numerology, and metaphysics. Over the years she has worked with many different people, guides, spirits, and other beings.

Her principal contact and guide is Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom. She also works with Anubis, Egypt’s Opener of the Way between worlds. As an artist, she works in ceramics, stained glass, beads, painting, drawing, and digital art. She has taught more than twenty different subjects—from business and entrepreneurship to art and Egyptian Mysteries.

Invoking the Scribes is a unique book, written to be experienced on multiple levels – we want you to travel with us, down the Nile, to travel back into the time of Em Hotep  – the First Time, when the Mysteries were first written on the walls of the temples.

If you are seeking knowledge of spiritual possibilities, you will connect with testimonies of those who took part in this journey.  The writers who contributed to Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt have a variety of religious backgrounds and beliefs – Buddhist, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, shamanic, and pagan to name but a few.  Yet all were able to join together to learn about and celebrate their growing understanding of the spiritual power of the ancient Egyptian wisdom texts and temples, and to bring that understanding into their personal religious traditions. Through documenting their pilgrimage they have shared the growth they experienced and the answers they have found.

You will have a chance to document your own experiences through the meditation and writing exercises. This will be particularly helpful for the writers reading this book. The exercises are not designed to produce a single text of memoir or creative nonfiction as other books on writing tend to do. The exercises in Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt have the capacity to engage everyone seeking ways to explore their personal story and deepen the connection between life and spirit.


Her book, Invoking The Scribes of Ancient Egypt is available on:  or



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