Bright Star Cafe June 29 2012 – Melissa Johnson

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Melissa Johnson is a lawyer, writer, photographer, human rights advocate, philanthropist, and animal whisperer.

A lawyer by trade, Melissa began her career at the age of 24. Ironically and almost instantly, she found herself frustrated by the antagonistic nature of the legal profession and the unconscious way so many people do business. She looked for answers outside-of-the-box.

Though she had no delusions of being able to transform an entire profession, she knew that real change must begin with me and then extend outward to her family, community, organizations, cities, nations and the world at large. And she hoped that by connecting in meaningful ways she could be part of the solution she sought. In time, she emerged as a universal lawyer–an advocate and counselor of both man’s law and the more intuitive heart law she writes about. Inspiration is a wonderful instrument of change.

Melissa continues to look for unique ways to blend her business and legal interests with her passion for creativity, philanthropy, and value-driven social change. Writing, photography, artistry, and animal and human rights advocacy are now part of her portfolio.

Melissa is author of the book: Secrets of the Land: A photojourney of my natural curiosity, which is available at her website .

You can find Melissa Johnson at


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