Bright Star Cafe June 22 2012 – Carrie Sharpshair

Join me, Sue Hines, and Maya White on the radio at Bright Star Cafe on Friday afternoon on New Sky Radio Powered by CBS

Balancing right-brain creativity and left-brain logic, Carrie Sharpshair has the ability to quickly tap into her clients’ business vision and to guide their creation of strategies and actions, inspiring and teaching them how to get grounded, create momentum, and enjoy success on their terms.

She’s known by those around her as “The Sharp Cookie,” and she’s comfortable being equal parts brainy and zany!

Carrie’s passion is for showing new entrepreneurs how rewarding being a business owner can be. She frequently speaks with local high school students to expose them to entrepreneurship and the realities of launching and running a business in today’s economy.

Before going into business for herself Carrie spent over 20 years in the corporate world with a variety of organizations including both Fortune 500 organizations as well as boutique consulting firms.  Her experiences include developing and delivering in-depth training programs, managing multi-million dollar projects, and growing start-up organizations.

While working alongside hundreds of small business owners, Carrie has honed her philosophy on envisioning and achieving success.  This led her to start where she works with business owners using her unique business planning system called Epic.  A key foundation to her mentoring involves learning how to integrate a business and personal life while staying sane!

Her eclectic personality and background enable her to strike up a conversation with just about everyone, and her clients love the combination of her no-nonsense approach coupled with a sense of fun and adventure.

Carrie uses the foundations of astrology to help her  focus in her business and in life, understanding how she’s drawn and re-forming patterns that serve her better based on what she is learning.

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