News June 14 2012

Do you love what you do? 

Are you spending your time on the fun stuff or are you stuck in the grind?

Finding how to live your passion sets your whole life on a fulfilling course.

Astrology can help align what you do with what feels good and right.


Words to Live By

Those who restrain their desires, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.  

~William Blake


A New Day

Diane was stuck. She had built a thriving business, but was dreading getting up each morning, thinking instead: “When will this end?

8 Years of hard work had resulted in her thriving business providing temporary medical front office staff. Diane’s reputation for providing fabulous support at a moment’s notice was a source of great pride

Her chart showed her to be a gregarious, fun-loving, feeling type of person who loves to connect with people. No wonder she was able to build a business that put her between two groups of people – her clients and her freelance office support staff.

Diane her business was doing so well, she was spending weekends catching up on paperwork – so I was not surprised when she added that she was losing interest, and that the effort was wearing her down.

Understanding, embracing, and being true to your own nature is the key to a happy and rewarding life. The same holds true for your career. Diane was wandering off course and feeling the effects.

Through her chart, we explored how she is “wired,” uncovering and focusing on her strengths. Her face was bright and her eyes shone as she talked about finding and connecting just the right person to fill in at a particular office.

A natural diplomat, Diane found it easy to navigate the personal interactions. Putting people together was second nature to her.

It was quite different when it came to the accounting and clerical side of the business. Diane admitted that her gregarious personality made the deskwork feel lonely and frustrating.

With the insight into her own inner workings, Diane left with three clear options: farm out the paperwork to someone else, bring someone in to handle it, or automate as much of it as much as possible.

Three months later, Diane called to make an appointment for her daughter-in-law to see me. She was bubbly and alive and thrilled to tell me she had arranged for one of her front-desk staff to come in weekly and work with her to do the paperwork.

Diane had found the perfect solution for her – connecting with someone while getting the job done!

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