Bright Star Cafe June 8 2012 – Stanlee Panelle

Join me, Sue Hines, and Maya White on the radio at Bright Star Cafe on Friday afternoon on New Sky Radio Powered by CBS

Stanlee Panelle has been helping people with their careers, relationships, health and fitness goals for over 25 years.  With a successful psychotherapy practice behind her and a growing life coaching practice in progress she specializes in women in change of life transition, finding life purpose, passion and meaningful work, facilitating self cure of long term depression and revitalizing relationships.

Stanlee holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology,  certifications in Hypnosis and Liberation Breath Process, is an Ordained Minister of Universal Spirituality and has over 5 years experience as a psychotherapist in addition to over 20 years of health, career, business and personal coaching experience.  Her work goes deep and forward, direct and broad.  It is personal, fun, meaningful and goal oriented.

Stanlee Panelle Personal Coaching provides Individual and Group Coaching for Personal & Spiritual  Development via Skype and by phone so you get all that you need and want no matter where you are – in life or on the map!

  • Connect with Your Inner Voice of Truth and Wisdom …
  • Clarify Your Personal Spiritual Belief System …
  • Increase SElf Confidence by building stable Self Esteem …
  • Learn to create Personal boundaries that support you, keep you safe and give you freedom …
  • Gain perspective from Others like you that share their experience…

She offers a FREE Self Esteem Building Book , available at comes with a monthly Newsletter and 5 FREE informative Articles:

  • Relationship 101: the 90 Day Rule
  • Relationships Live on the Tip of Your Tongue ~ Help!  My Life Doesn’t Fit ME Anymore!
  • How to Choose a Coach or Counselor
  • The Difference Between Therapy and Coaching:  Is There One?

Call for your Complimentary Connection Session to see you are ready to receive what you really want: (323) 207-0151 Or send a note via Skype to Coach Stanlee.

Or send an email to Make the connection and see if Stanlee is the right Coach for you.

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