News May 18 2012

Do you know what you really want?

Are you ready to make the commitment?

It’s human nature to be conflicted but success comes in unraveling fear from real danger.

 Astrology is a wonderful tool for excavating your true desires.


Words to Live By

 “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”   

~Carlos Castaneda  


Make The Leap… Now?

At last, Zelda was about to escape the corporate world. Her friend Terese had already resigned from her high school teaching job. They had met in university 25 years ago, connected over a shared a passion for French cooking, and had talked and dreamed of opening a business together ever since.

Finally, their dreams were coming true and their very own restaurant was due to open in three weeks. Zelda was second-guessing herself. She was supposed to hand in her resignation in two days’ time, but suddenly she was afraid.

When she came to see me for a reading, she had only one question: was she making a colossal mistake giving up a successful “well into six figures” career for a whimsical pipe dream for the sake of an old and dear friendship?

Zelda’s chart showed her to be a gentle, caring soul who loved to nurture and care for others. Yes, that’s sun in Cancer, but the moon is also in Cancer in her chart, making her a double Cancer. Their placement in her chart emphasizes both her joy in cooking and in hosting and entertaining people.

Her corporate career had always been with food companies, and there was nothing in her chart to suggest she would not continue to be successful if she chose to stay in her current line of work.

But there were several other pointers in her chart that said she would be happier being closer to and able to interact directly with her end customer. when I pointed this out, Zelda said she would rather feed 5 people a wonderful meal every night than win a big money contract to feed hotdogs to the millions at the ball games.

Her chart also pointed to her being much happier in a more intimate, one-on-one type environment than being one of many players in a larger business setting, and she readily agreed to this too. She was relaxing. She was smiling.

We looked at timing using her chart, how it progresses over time, and also where the planets were that day. It showed the potential for a significant personal change, in outlook, relationships, and in her sense of pride and self-worth. In the short term it looked like more money would be going out than coming in, but not for too long.

Recognizing that the choice of action rested with her, Zelda decided to set her fears aside and dive wholeheartedly into the new business.

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