News May 31 2012

Are things working out the way you want? 

Do you feel you are pushing rocks uphill or are you coasting freely?

Doing what you want and doing what you do well can be the same thing.

 Astrology is an excellent way to find your passion in life.


Words to Live By

If at first you don’t succeed, you can always become an ultramarathoner.  

~Bruce Fordyce


I Was Born That Way!

Ride your strengths and everything seems so much easier! The simple act of recognizing or even just facing and accepting how you were made can be one of those instantaneous life-altering moments.

Christina is a nurse who works in a pediatric ward, loves working with children, and has 2 middle schoolers of her own at home. I ran her chart ahead of our appointment for a reading.

Christina’s chart showed me 2 important things about her:

  1. That she probably tended to be motivated to serve others, and most likely to see to their needs before her own, and
  2. She was a very gentle person and probably rather high strung and sensitive.

So I wasn’t surprised that she was pretty stressed out when she the time came for her reading.

She told me that, after several years of working for doctors in private practice, she had started working at the hospital just over a year ago and her life seemed to be growing more and more hectic.

Here’s how Christina described things:

“Every free moment is spent shuttling my children from one activity or friend’s house to another. Dinners are hurried and half-thought out. Several friends are going through big things in their lives and need my time to talk things over. I have to squeeze in household shopping, various errands for the family, for my husband, doing friends favors…”

…You get the picture. It’s called “overload.”

We talked at length about the 2 key points mentioned earlier, and it became clear to Christina that the timing of her move to the busier hospital environment where she was dealing with so many more children and people each day coincided with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

She realized that she had not felt this frazzled and pressured when she had been working in the less frenetic private practice. She had not felt like she was short-changing her patients or their parents as she often did now. She had been calmer, happier, and had much more energy to give others outside of work.

“That environment suited me better.” Christina said. “I could give each child the attention he or she needed. I was made for that.”  

Within a month, Christina had her old job back in the pediatric practice (with a pay raise!), and was feeling like her old self again.  

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