News May 3 2012

Do you have all the information for a confident decision? 
If you knew more, would you make the same choice?

 The choices we make define the life we live. Astrology can help you find the life you want. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Words to Live By

 The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”  

~ Flora Whitman


Sell My Business?

Phil and his wife, Jenny, came to seem me about selling their business. They had been approached by an acquaintance looking to buy a good, solid business just like their 18 year old quality linen distribution business.

The potential buyer was impressed with the solid relationships they had with their suppliers and their sizable clientele of small restaurant chains and local catering companies, hotels, and days pas.

They were not sure whether to take the generous offer and change their lives, possibly taking early retirement, or to hold onto their fairly steady and reasonably secure business and continue working.

To help them gain some insight, we ran a horary chart. The word “horary” comes from the Greek word hora meaning “hour” and the horary chart is used to provide insight into a specific issue. It is prepared for the specific time the question is asked.

This chart indicated the investor might not be in a solid financial position, and could, in fact, be in debt himself. While it showed he valued their business enormously, he might already have too many things going on to be able to give it the attention it deserved.

I suggested that they might consider the sale if it was to be an immediate outright sale of the business, but that they might not receive all the money if the deal was one where they would be paid over a period of time.

As the deal involved a substantial portion up front with the balance being paid over a period of 3 years, they discussed this and decided to spend some more time investigating the buyer’s financial position before committing to the sale.

A week later, Phil called to tell me that the following morning, before they had even started this investigation, the buyer had approached them with a different plan that involved less money up front and a larger portion spread over the 3 years.

Without hesitation, they had both immediately decided to stop walk away from their dealings with this man, who clearly did not have the financial wherewithal for the deal. Phil thanked me and said the reading they had with me had been all they needed to see the writing on the wall and it had saved them time, worry, and indecision – and possibly even saved the business itself.


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