News May 10 2012

Do you always get the response you are looking for?
Are you getting what you want out of your relationships?

Things don’t always go our way and people can be the strangest creatures!

 Astrology is a wonderful aid to building stronger relationships. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Words to Live By

 Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”  

~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta  


Just A Glance  

I thought I would use the example from a recent reading to show how astrology has the potential to change your life.

During a reading of his birth chart, Matthew happened to joke about someone misinterpreting the look he gave her the other day, an occurrence he said happened quite often.

He told how Paula, a colleague, had come up with a wonderful problem-solving suggestion in a meeting with Matthew and several other people. After the meeting Paula had approached him to find out why he hadn’t liked her idea.

Matthew was taken aback, because he thought it a very good, creative idea that showed “out-of-the-box” thinking. Why he had given her a “dirty look” during the meeting, Paula wanted to know.

In Matthew’s birth chart I could see how he might not be openly conscious of his facial eye expressions, and the impact they have on others. He said that he had always just felt his communications were often better understood through his writing and over the phone than when he was face to face.

In talking about this and thinking about his simply not being aware and conscious of the impact of his expressions Matthew got a new sense of understanding. He said he wanted to “beat his chart” rather than let it define his life or his potential.

He decided that, over the next couple of weeks, he would pay attention to his facial muscles and the area around his eyes in particular. He was going to try and learn to be more conscious of what others would be seeing when they looked at him.

When I bumped into him a few months later, he rushed over and gave me a big wink. “It works!” he said. He introduced me to his wife, Rosie, telling her I was the woman who had taught him to have “kind eyes.”

Rosie laughed and told me how much fun he had been having playing around with and practicing his new facial awareness, engaging shopkeepers, the wait staff in restaurants, and even using his new “kind eyes” to get his children to do their homework without grumbling.

Matthew said his new skills made a noticeable difference at work too. Sometimes all it takes is a new awareness to have a new life!

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