Bright Star Cafe May 11 2012 – Burt Williamson

Join me, Sue Hines, and Maya White on the radio at Bright Star Cafe on Friday afternoon on New Sky Radio Powered by CBS  

Burt Williamson, MBA, CFP® has helped thousands of families, baby boomers and business owners to plan effectively for their life goals, invest wisely, protect their families and lifestyle, and save money on their taxes.  He is a Certified Financial Planner TM with an economics degree from Columbia University and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

His experience has enabled him to develop a system that makes it easier for people to crystallize their goals, which makes the financial planning process much more effective for them.  He has written over 100 articles on investing, insurance and planning matters that have been published in numerous publications.

As the Financial Strategist of PlanPrep, Burt works directly with families and business owners in California, and many financial advisors around the county consult with him about their clients’ unique financial situations.

He hosts a radio blog on, and is available typically on short notice to speak on a variety of financial topics as a guest for interviews and by phone. 

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