News April 5 2012

Not sure how to take it or what to do next? Astrological insight can guide you.

Human relations are complex and a little peek at what’s happening in the stars can provide the insight that makes all the difference!


Words to Live By

 “I don’t know where it is going, but it sure is fun!” 

Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra


Jenny’s Choice

My client, Jenny, called one evening left a message asking me to look and see what was happening, as she had had a strange day. That’s it, no more information.

I opened up her birth chart and checked the positions of the transits, the positions of the planets today, and compared them to her chart. I could see that her sense of self and her sense of authority could have been either enhanced or challenged by an unexpected event. More importantly, I saw the situation could get very big, very quickly. This could be life-altering. I called her back immediately.

Jenny had been assigned a colleague to co-present with her at a major event and the presentation required simultaneous presentations to 2 different groups of people. At the last minute, this colleague had decided to take advantage of a discount vacation and pulled out.

With double the preparation work left up to her, and time running out fast, Jenny asked her to find a replacement to take her place. Instead of approaching a suitable candidate, this colleague had simply sent out a poorly worded and vague mass-email to about 20 other colleagues saying that Jenny needed help, and asking anyone to contact Jenny if they were in a position to assist her.

Jenny was wondering what to do about this humiliating and frustrating situation. She wanted to confront her colleague, blow off steam and complain to her boss, and she also wanted explain the real situation to all those co-workers who had received the email.

I described what I had seen in her chart and suggested that if she wanted to change her job, or even her career, doing any one or all of those things would make the situation escalate out of control, likely negatively impacting her position. But doing absolutely nothing would make the situation simply dissipate and disappear. The same flow of energy that could grow things very quickly could allow the discharge of energy just as easily.

A positive event under these planetary positions, any energy in its direction could also have quickly amplified and rapidly grown. If she had received an interesting job or career that day, it might have had the potential to become one of the most wonderful opportunities in her life, so I would have had no hesitation encouraging her to seize it.

Jenny decided to let the drama go, just drop it, let go, and allow things to take their course.

The following morning, a senior colleague, one of the 20 who had been emailed, stopped by to find out what kind of help was needed. She was excited about the opportunity to be a presenter and jumped right in to help Jenny get things finished.  Their presentations were beautifully polished and very well-received.