News April 26 2012

Is something in your life nagging for your attention?
Do you want to feel more comfortable handling a situation you find yourself in?

Life is an unfolding journey, and Astrology can offer revelations that brighten your prospects. .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Words to Live By

 “Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.”  

~ Cameron Crowe; Screen-writer, Film Director (Excerpt From The Film Vanilla Sky)


John’s First Apartment   

I first met Dan many years ago. He could rightly be described as a skeptic when it came to astrology, so it was not without hesitation that he gave me his birth details one evening as he was bemoaning the behavior of his eldest son, John.

John had been a good kid all through school and college, but things had changed when John moved into an apartment of his own. Lately he had been getting into all kinds of troubling incidents. He had been fired from his job for consistently arriving late to work. Dan had received several parking tickets in the mail for the car John was driving. John seemed to be constantly arguing not only with his parents and siblings, but with his friends too. Just that evening, Dan had received a call from John to say he was breaking up with Allie, his girlfriend of 5 years.

I was puzzled at first too, when I looked at Dan’s chart. It showed his oldest child to be a calm, gentle, and giving soul, with a soft and studious nature. (Dan seemed quite pleased that astrology could be wrong.) As we talked some more, I said the chart showed this young man was the type that needed a quiet environment with a space or place that he could disappear into and withdraw from the world – a peaceful “Man Cave.”

His father laughed and then, more surprised at himself than anything, said that sounded just right. He recalled how, as a child, John had enjoyed escaping to the tree house, where he would spend hours alone. Then, later, how John would get up early, long before school, and hang out alone on the back porch reading or tinkering with something until the rest of the family appeared and the house came alive.

During his college years, John was a frequent visitor to the library and his friends used to joke that they didn’t need a cell phone to find him. If there was nothing happening, they always knew they could find him in the back corner on the second floor. That’s where he did his homework, played games on his computer, listened to music, and read books.

Dan then became very serious. “That’s what’s wrong now,” he said, “John and his roommate share a small open-plan apartment in the city and John has nowhere he can go to be alone, to get peace and quiet. For the first time in his life, he has no ‘cave’ to go to.” Dan resolved to bring up this idea with his son.

About 3 months later, Dan called me with an update.

Apparently, soon after our last meeting, John had quarreled with his roommate and then found himself the sole occupant of the apartment. Having to pay all the rent himself, he had gone out and found a new and better paying job with more responsibility, and was now thriving.

John and Allie were back on track, and it appeared that things had turned around for him. John had even told his father how much he valued having the place to himself, and that if he were to get married, they would have to have a 2 bedroom apartment so he could have a “cave” of his own!