News April 12 2012

Is there a part of you that gets in your way?
Do you feel you let yourself down?

Astrology can help you find new ways of dealing or living with it that set you free. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Words to Live By

 “I am happy to be lustful and passionate. It is my gift to the world.”


Addressing Teen Outbursts

I did a reading recently for a mother her two children. One major point of the discussion was about the moody, flash-point young adult in the household, Tina.

On examination of their astrological charts, it was clear how things were spiraling out of control in the homee. Tina’s chart showed that she would have difficulty in pinpointing or naming what she feels. She feels that intensity, the pressure of the feelings, but is unable to hone in on exactly what that feeling is.

  • Most people have the natural ability to recognize the potential in a situation – “Oh, this is starting to be uncomfortable. I am getting angry or distressed about this,”
  • Tina had no clue about what was happening inside her emotionally until the intensity became so strong, the feeling would be so full-blown and undeniable, that she would have no option but to react.
  • And everyone around her would know it!

How do you deal with a situation like this? This is the hand Tina was dealt, so she has to live with it, right? Well, not exactly.

  • This is the hand she was dealt, yes. But to be effective in the world, Tina has to play it with understanding – knowing how it works and what it does.

So, her mother and I explored the topic a little with Tina. Tina confirmed that she does not recognize approaching feelings, does not see them sneaking up on her, until they overpower her. So, together, we devised a way for her to become more in tune with them.

  • Tina spent the next few weeks using a list of names of emotions – both positive and negative.
  • At the end of every day, she read through the list and wrote down the names of the different emotions she had experienced during the day.
  • She was encouraged to take note of and write down any accompanying physical sensation associated with each – even simply naming the body part where she felt it – stomach, head, chest, etc.
  • This gave Tina the opportunity to develop her skill at recognizing the sensations associated with her different feelings, and naming them. Giving them a label and an identity instead of this generalized or growing but indefinable discomfort.

Over time, Tina got better at identifying the feelings as they began in her body, being able to see them arising and facing and dealing with them, or at least objectively examining them long before they erupted in an outburst. The household had become a lot calmer.