Bright Star Cafe March 16 – Patricia Lynn Belkowitz

Join me, Sue Hines, and Maya White on the radio at Bright Star Cafe on Friday afternoon on New Sky Radio Powered by CBS

Patricia Lynn Belkowitz has a message and a method. Patricia believes that every moment of your life is a choice. And you are in control of that choice. Through the use of hypnotherapy and therapeutic imagery, Patricia helps her clients to access the power of the subconscious mind to make better and more positive choices. A life-long student of the metaphysical sciences, Patricia uses ancient healing modalities integrated with cutting-edge scientific discoveries and research, including mind body energy techniques.  She teaches life-changing tools and perspectives.

Author of, an informative blog about well-being, she has also created a workbook entitled “TheMindMatters Manifestation Manual” which is a companion to the workshop “Choose Your Thoughts Choose Your Life”.  Patricia’s program for weight management includes the “Manifestation Manual” as well as “Weight Mastery Methods”, and two CDs, Nourishment and Movement, offered through the workshop “Choose Your Thoughts Choose Your Body”.

Patricia is author and co-illustrator of Erotica~101, and the companion CD “TheMindSeduction”.  She offers a Workshop for Women called “Sexploration”. A featured speaker on sexuality and the mind, Patricia has appeared at Erotica-LA and as a guest on Playboy Radio, as well as a contributor and featured artist on Playboy Radio’s Sexy Stories.

She is also the author and publisher of “Gemstones: Healing Rays of Light”, and creator of “13 Stones of Transformation”, Patricia speaks about the subtle energy of crystals and the effects of color on the energy body.

Patricia specializes in health and wellness with an emphasis on achieving a state of balance and harmony. She recently created a meditation called “TheMindMatters:Sanctuary” for the sole purpose of relaxation and renewal. Offering private sessions, experiential workshops, and enlightening, motivational speeches, Patricia is passionate about her life’s work.

Patricia’s Books and CDs are available at her website:

The Mind Matters Manifestation Manual
and the companion CD, TheMindSeduction
Gemstones: Healing Rays of Light

CDs: Weight Mastery Methods, Nourishment, Movement, Sanctuary

You can find her on Facebook or on Twitter #tapyourmind

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