Your Characteristics

Astrology uses symbols to frame your potentialities and characteristics.  While only you can define, prescribe, or regulate what you can do with and in your life, an astrology reading of your birth chart helps you understand your potentialities and characteristics so your actions become more purposeful and meaningful.

Your Will:  your style of “being” in the world.  It defines the actions you want to initiate or undertake, how you project yourself; and how far you will push yourself.

Believing:  You are what you believe. .. Who you believe you are shapes who you become.

Organization: You make your impact on the world and you get a reaction.  From that you form your sense of identity, of who you are in relation to the world and others in it.  You develop rules for yourself and develop a sense of integrity that is unique and singular.

Habits and Patterns: You crystallize your identity by repeating things you’ve done and said before to get largely the desired response.

Who you like: You pick your friends from the way they react to you, how they make you feel and how they allow you to live your story.  Even in your family, you pick your friends, the ones that sponsor the behavior that makes you feel familiar, that supports your story, that reinforces your sense of identity, and makes it easy for you to follow your simplest patterns.

Challenges: Enemies can be positive or negative.  They are the people and events that challenge the beliefs and structures you have built up.  Be rigid and it feels as if the enemies are breaking you; be flexible makes them growth opportunities.

Thought and Expression: We develop a mental shorthand that identifies our own particular form of communication – the way in which we express ourselves and that helps us identify people and things that “fit” in our world. It defines our “voice” and how people hear us, defining their expectations of us.

Reason to be:  The search for ultimate meaning is inherent in all of us.  We want to make our mark on the world, to show that we are or have been.  It is the source of our identity – the uniqueness we shine upon the world through thought, word, and deed.  It drives our need to express and relate within the world, defining our desires and shaping our will.

There is an innate desire to “matter;”  “big” matter like the Nobel Prize or “little” matter like recycling your cereal box.

It’s Your Story:  The essence of the “you” that you become is structured by the “story” of your life, with its underlying layers of assumptions and truths about how life works.

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